viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011


By Rodrigo Tamayo Motas
About a thirty patients in the former municipalities of the region Manzanillo, Granma and other eastern provinces have received the benefits of corneal transplantation in ophthalmology center located in the hospital Celia Sanchez, of this city.

The first of these surgeries took place in late 2008 and since then to date 25 patients have been operated thus improved their quality of life.

This procedure involves renovating the center of the cornea and replace it with a donated intervention in the developed world costs more than eleven thousand dollars.

Among the services provided by the ophthalmology center has great impact Manzanillo laser treatment in ocular pathology, especially in retina, anterior segment or excimer laser.

Further stresses that higher incidences of diseases treated in this medical Manzanillo are cataract, pterygium and oculoplastics.
In Granma ophthalmology center is also in operation for chaos ciclofotocoagulador difficult to treat glaucoma, both medical and surgical, which prevents patients having to travel to other provinces for treatment .

The Granma Ophthalmology Center now has teams in the first world, as the surgical microscope that allows other edges of the surgery, and a micro perimeter intended to diagnose retinal diseases, glaucoma and neuro diseases.

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