viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011


By Rodrigo Tamayo Motas
In today's world, diabetes is a disease that lacerates the millions of people, and few ask why unless you hit them wrong.

Reflecting on this situation opens the way to talk about our eating habits, fundamental link to stay away from a disease that is fatal.

For people today, eating has become an undeniable pleasure, but look what you eat, when to eat and how you eat.

Life dictates that an excessive calorie intake (say bread, flour confectionery, cereals, meats, dairy, fried foods and artificial drinks) leads to an increase in body weight did not sustainable so the body can support and therefore declares us obese.

Obesity has become an evil of these times, where there are fast food, cargaditas carbs and tastes, smells and artificial colors, which in the end is pure deception on the palate!

It is difficult to resist a hot pizza cheese cargadita or gassed before a chilled drink, few manage to control the desires of repast to the threat of obesity and its consequences.

The increase in body weight influences the onset of diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, increased blood fats and hypertension, which in turn produce disturbances in the skeletal system and muscular, cardiovascular and of course the image we have of ourselves.

Recent figures provide that in Manzanillo alone there are over five thousand people with diabetes who receive priority attention in the areas of health, through comprehensive consultations or treatments to patients with diabetic foot (ulcers).

But the real goal of the program of diabetes care is prevention towards reducing and avoiding the suffering of this disease, which only in Granma has more than 35 thousand cases.

Prevention through education and healthy dietary habits is the use of hand not become ill, to which is attached half-hour walk at least three times a week, running, aerobic exercises, swimming, biking and eating less carbs and more vegetables, fiber and natural fruits.

Nobody wants to be diabetic, that is clear, because there is no cure and can cause fatal damage blood vessels and kidneys, to cite just two examples, hence the importance of knowing what we eat, when and how we eat.

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